Plays by David Almond

Two Plays

Two Plays - 'Skellig' and 'Wild Girl, Wild Boy'

Skellig, the play, adapted by David Almond from his award-winning novel. Also includes Wild Girl, Wild Boy.

Wild Girl, Wild Boy

Wild Girl, Wild Boy

Elaine Grew is a brave and troubled young soul.

Last year her dad died and now Elaine’s in turmoil. She squabbles with her mum and begins to stay away from school.

Shunned by her friends, Elaine spends day after day in the overgrown wilderness of her dad’s old allotment, where once she was so happy. Here she crawls like a lizard, slithers like a snake and works spells with spiders, just as she used to when he was with her.

What is Elaine searching for, in this place of memories, dreams and magic?

The play Wild Girl, Wild Boy was first produced in London in 2001.