Paper Boat, Paper Bird

Paper Boat, Paper Bird

A stunning new story from the bestselling, prize-winning David Almond, unfolding the magic of the everyday. Mina, from the unforgettable Skellig and My Name is Mina, journeys to Japan and discovers the wonders of the world around her.

Kyoto, Japan. Mina is on a bus. Everything is strange and beautiful.

Mina watches as a woman folds a piece of paper into an origami boat, then floats it over to her.

As Mina discovers the magic of origami, her eyes are opened to the wonders of the real city around her.

Unfold the magic of the everyday, on a journey with one of the world’s best-loved authors – with stunning illustrations from Kirsti Beautyman in black and orange throughout.

David says: "Mina always seems very real to me, and is a powerful force in my imagination. I’ve been several times to Japan, and have felt weirdly at home there. The book includes an afterword exploring where the story came from. It’s beautifully illustrated by Kirsti Beautyman.

Paper Boat, Paper Bird was published by Hodder Children’s Books on 4th August 2022.